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„Let’s make Compost“ is not just the title of our business magazine. It has been the purpose and a constant challenge for UTV AG for years. It is the reason why we now work around the world and support our customers in dealing with their waste problems. Waste problems? Nature does not know the meaning of the word “waste”! This is the policy and the constant guiding principle of our trade. Practically all waste still contains raw materials. You need to get these materials back and this is where we come in. We therefore develop project-related and innovative ideas. We have made it our duty to provide solutions to problems and we ensure that our partners are happy in many successful projects around the globe. We are constantly pursuing the most important goal in business to make an effective contribution towards preserving our planet as a place worth living on.

Products and services

The GORE® Cover system, technology for aerobic waste treatment with special laminates made by the membrane specialist Gore, is now in use in more than 150 plants all over the world in different design variants, for example, side wall, butterfly roof version or in combination with a loading tunnel, for the composting and for mechanical-biological residual waste treatment. A breathable, semipermeable membrane is used to encapsulate the heaps during the rotting (decomposition) process. The covered compost mound, sealed at the bottom to protect the ground, is supplied with oxygen by means of compressed air fed in at the base of the mound. A typical GORE® Cover process lasts eight weeks, divided into three phases. The rotting material remains in phase I ("high rate composting") for four weeks, followed by two weeks in phase II ("maturation") and two weeks also in phase III ("finishing"). During these eight weeks it is moved three times. The heaps are covered in phases I and II.

GORE<sub>®</sub> Cover

GORE® Cover

GORE®Cover improves the composting process and satisfies all requirements for certification as an efficient and controlled composting technology. The membranes used in waste treatment protect the composting material from penetration of rainwater and allow CO2 and water vapour produced during the composting process to escape. Even so, odours are extensively retained. GORE® Covers act as a physical barrier against gaseous substances escaping from the rotting material.

iCompost Software

iCompost Software

The iCompost software is the control center of your iCompost system. With its help you will be able to:
• View the current sensor information of every heap pad on your site
• Download and manage recorded sensor information
• Control all attached iCompmaster devices
• Manage information about dates, status, hygienisation, ...
• Permanently store, evaluate and export downloaded sensor data

Cover winding unit PWF 10

Cover winding unit PWF 10

The UTV AG power winding unit PWF 10 is used for covering and uncovering a heap. In using a wheel loader it is placed in front of the heap. In using control levers you can control the speed of winding and unwinding.

News & Innovations

Composting of cow manure in Shang Ku Li 

On 14th July 2017 the biggest composting plant of cow manure was commissioned in Inner Mongolia, China. Up to 12.000 t of cow manure can be treated per year on this site. For making composting of cow manure with a moisture content of app. 80% possible some structure material is added. | » Further reading 

Start of construction works in Zhanang (Tibet) 

On 27th January 2018 the training of setting aration channels took place. The composting plant in Zhanang will be the highest composting plant with the Gore Cover System on an attitude of 3.650 m. The final commisioning is expected to take place short before IEexpo | » Further reading 

Commissioning in Moscow 

On 8th December 2017 the commissioning took place to treat at the end app. 50.000 t/y of miscellaenous waste streams, e.g. MSW, sewage sludge, green waste, ... | » Further reading 


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