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KhaiEL GmbH

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About us

KhaiEL is a young technology based company, initially founded in 2007 after separation from Lanxess Korea (Former BAYER). Headquartered in Germany, KhaiEL possesses a branch in Korea as well as an international footprint all around the world.

We apply technical solutions, customized advanced specialties and offer innovative products in various fields like wastewater treatment, soil revitalizer and bio-plastics as well as in cosmetic and chemical industries.

We believe in working together to succeed. Experience alone cannot get the job done and that is the reason why we respect our partners and value their sincere support. To keep up with the fast-moving technology and stay competitive in the market, it is imperative that we SHARE knowledge, resource and ideas.

Products and services

Chemicals: ELANsplit Series: Organic oil/water emulsion splitter; ELANmet Series: heavy metal especially Mercury removal agent; ELANclear CS series: Oil containing water coagulant; ELANclear Bio series: high efficient nature based coagulant to replace PAC; ELANclear F series: advanced treatment of fluoride containing waste water; ELIME series: Economic, nature based and biodegradable lime scale removal tabs for drainage and tunnel;
Bio-Product: ELBIO: Bio-activity Enhancing Agent
Devices: ELQUA Econtrol: fully automatic dosing device for ELANsplit; ELQUA Eclean: Physical fresh emulsion cleaner; ELQUA C series: Antiscaling device

News & Innovations

ELANsplit ------Solution for waste emulsion 

ELANsplit is a highly efficient organic splitter, which can effectively split the oil in emulsion. Due to its instantaneous yet dependable performance, it can be widely used to meet the requirements of various applications. The principle of splitting is the reaction between ELANsplit and the an...| » Further reading 

ELANmet SMF-1: Solution for Mercury (Hg) 

Mercury is very toxic. Its accumulation in the human body will cause organ system failure. Moreover, mercury will inhibit the growth of brain cells which will lead to irreversible cognitive and behavioral dysfunction, particularly for babies and young children. ELANmet SMF-1 was specially develo...| » Further reading 

ELANclear BIO --- Natural coagulant to replace PAC 

ELANclear BIO is a group of natural cationic organic polymer. We founded it from the herbal extraction, which owns an excellent coagulant function. It is natural and bring no harm to the mankind and environment. With its brilliant performance, we see a good opportunity to maintain the treatment...| » Further reading 


KhaiEL GmbH
Rhenaniastr. 130-132
68219, Mannheim

Phone: +49-621-803-9973
Fax: +49-621-3790-9083

Ruby, Chia
Sales Manager
Phone: +6017 2809678

KhaiEL GmbH
68219, Manheim

Phone: +49-621-803-9973
Fax: +49-621-3790-9083

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