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About us

Resource management for industrial waste water
We develop innovative complete solutions for the waste water treatment based on the evaporator technology. They allow an economic and waste water free cycle. The evaporator helps to minimise costs and to reuse up to 98% of the treated waste water as a resource. The evaporators are engineered for 24/7 operation with a throughput of 25 to 10,000 l/h. Based on experiences of over 2,300 successful installations worldwide and detailed sector knowledge we are in the position to recommend you the perfect solution for your application. Our vacuum evaporator portfolio includes DESTIMAT® with a natural circulation system that works without additional heaters or pumps, what considerably reduces the energy consumption. For heavily foaming media, long running times or short start up times we recommend the forced circulation system PROWADEST®.

Products and services

The KMU LOFT Cleanwater offers industrial waste water treatment solutions with focus on recycling and zero liquid discharge solutions by evaporation. The solution to this are our vacuum evaporators PROWADEST®, DESTIMAT® and ECO. They set high standards in waste water treatment with a throughput of 25 to 10,000 l/h. We exhibit at this trade fair a PROWADEST® evaporator. You have the possibility to look into the evaporator and see the individual components. Our experts will be pleased to show you all the details and how the evaporator works. You could also watch a video, which show the functional principle of our evaporators. The system solution includes also a pre- and follow up-treatment procedures for the waste water, the distillate and more. The result is a circulatory system which means the re-use the cleaned waste water and energy. Furthermore, we houses all professional skills: From the analysis, counselling, professional project management to a worldwide service.

KLC-DESTIMAT <sub>®</sub>


The DESTIMAT® LE series comes with natural circulation. LE in the name stands for Low Energy. This set-up produces very low energy consumption and high-quality distillates, even with the most challenging types of wastewater. An innovative multi-stage separation system delivers optimum wastewater cleaning results, while ensuring operational safety of the vacuum pump and the entire system. In an internal process heat is exchanged from the distillate to the incoming wastewater.



The PROWADEST® series evaporator systems feature ultimate operational safety combined with ultra high distillate quality. In the system a closed heat cycle ensures high efficiency and low energy consumption. A special pump creates a forced high velocity flow circulation, making this system ideal for treating heavily foaming process waters. Our multi-stage separation system features optimum wastewater cleansing results and ultrahigh operational safety of the vacuum pump and the system as a whole.

News & Innovations

We are committed to protecting our precious water resource!  This is why we develop innovative wastewater treatment solutions based on our innovative evaporation technology. We help you plan and implement intelligent, economical systems for an almost wastewater-free cycle, with multiple economic and environmental benefits. Our vacuum evaporators do not only recycle your treated wastewater for re-use. They also reduce your production costs. And they also enable the recovery and re-use of valuable by-products.


KMU LOFT Cleanwater GmbH
Bahnhofstr. 30
72138 Kirchentellinsfurt

Phone: +49 7121 96830

Bernd Vollmer
Head of Sales Europe/Overseas

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