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ELANmet SMF-1: Solution for Mercury (Hg)

Mercury is very toxic. Its accumulation in the human body will cause organ system failure. Moreover, mercury will inhibit the growth of brain cells which will lead to irreversible cognitive and behavioral dysfunction, particularly for babies and young children.

ELANmet SMF-1 was specially developed for Mercury. As an inorganic mercury stabilizer, it reacts with mercury cations (Hg2 2+, Hg 2+) as well as elemental Mercury (Hg 0) and stabilizes them into stable, non-toxic mercury sulfide.

ELANmet SMF-1 shows a high performance in a large range of pH value. It does not create H2S which reduced the risk of corrosion. After treatment with SMF-1, the Hg could be reduced up to 0,0002mg/l

• Waste incineration
• Flue gas scrubber
• Battery manufacture
• Sewage sludge incineration
• Power plant
• Environmental remediation (soil, groundwater)

Exhibitor: KhaiEL GmbH

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