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Preventative maintenance of a DN 400 PN 16 steel water main installed in a bridge

The Marienbrücke bridge in Passau, with a length of approx. 220 m crosses the Inn river at the height of the St. Stephan Cathedral and connects the old town with Innstadt, which is the only district in Passau to the right of the Inn. At the same time, the Marienbrücke bridge is the only and last connection for motorised traffic to Innstadt and to Austria before the Inn flows into the Danube.

A drinking water pipe DN 400 steel PN 16 is installed in the body of the Marienbrücke bridge. This important main supply pipe provides the city of Passau with drinking water and is operated by the municipal authorities of Passau. The steel pipe was laid in 1977 with a length of approx. 210 m. A compensator for handling the pipe expansion was integrated into the centre of this pipe. The dilatation of the compensator is approx. 10 cm (+/- 5 cm). In 2016, Stadtwerke Passau decided to renovate the pipeline section after more than 30 years of operation in order to ensure the supply of drinking water.

Exhibitor: Rädlinger primus line GmbH

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