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ELANclear BIO --- Natural coagulant to replace PAC

ELANclear BIO is a group of natural cationic organic polymer. We founded it from the herbal extraction, which owns an excellent coagulant function. It is natural and bring no harm to the mankind and environment.

With its brilliant performance, we see a good opportunity to maintain the treatment effectiveness and to protect our own environment.

• natural and safe
• suitable for both industrial and drinking water applications
• Dosage is much lower than PAC, in some cases only 1/3.
• Do not consume alkalinity to increase the pH value of the medium
• It does not increase the conductivity of treated water, not adding metals like Aluminium, Iron or anions like chlorides and sulfates. Protection against corrosion.
• Optimal function under broader range of pH value as its coagulant efficiency does not suffer from hydrolysis.
• Remain the dewatering properties for the following sludge treatment

Exhibitor: KhaiEL GmbH

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