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BHS-Sonthofen GmbH is an owner-operated group of companies in the field of machinery and plant engineering based in Sonthofen, Germany. The company offers technical solutions for mechanical process technology, concentrating primarily on mixing, crushing, recycling and filtration. BHS-Sonthofen has a global presence, with more than 470 employees and several subsidiaries.

The Recycling Technology division offers a broad range of machines and plants for the recycling industry. The product portfolio comprises recycling machines for processing and pre-/post-shredding a diverse range of recyclable and waste materials using crushing and cutting technology. This includes scrap, shredder residual fractions, slag and incinerator bottom ash as well as tires, cables, refuse-derived fuels and domestic, commercial and industrial waste. Moreover, BHS-Sonthofen plan and implement complete turnkey recycling plants for our customers.

Products and services

The product range of BHS-Sonthofen for the recycling industry contains following machine and plant solutions:


  • Impact crusher (PB) & impact mill (PM)
  • Rotor impact mill (RPMV & RPMX)
  • Rotor centrifugal crusher (RSMX)
  • Rotorshredder (RS)
  • Universal Shredder (NGU)
  • Rotary Shear (VR)


  • Pre-Shredder (VSR)
  • Biogrinder (RBG)
  • Recycling plants
Rotorshredder (RS)

The Rotorshredder shreds, separates and isolates materials. The shredding tools exert a high intense stress on the input materials through impact, shock and shearing forces. This results in selective size reduction with the following features: Particle sizes are selectively reduced, composite materials are separated, brittle-hard materials are fi nely shredded, metals are exposed and cleaned and entangled materials are separated.

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Rotary Shear (VR)

The Rotary Shear is a low-speed, high-torque, twin-shaft shredder. The machine is suitable for the shredding of bulky materials (e.g. domestic, commercial waste) or ductile input material (e.g. tires, cables, plastic) using cutting tools. It also reduces high-volume input materials and items with a large unit weight. At the same time, the Rotary Shear reliably achieves an extremely high shredding ratio.

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Biogrinder (RBG)

The BHS Biogrinder is used in the processing of biomass for biogas generation. The machine achieves intensive mechanical pre-processing of the energy crops, thus accelerating the gas yield and stabilizing the entire fermentation process. The Biogrinder is built for continuous operation, has a rugged design and is easy to operate and maintain.

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