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Digester for biowaste and wastewater treatment

Biowaste and processed water often require corrosion resistant materials since they have specific pH-values which are reacting aggressively against the digester and other components. With Stallkamp stainless steel tanks, corrosion is put to an end and the tank is ready for long-lasting application.

Digester interior and accessories

Stallkamp is able to provide the complete digester with heating, insulation and gas-tight roof. Moreover, we produce pump and mixing technology for reliable application in the digester or sludge storage. The submersible motor agitators reach a high circulation quantity at a low level of energy consumption. With regard to the pump technology, the portfolio covers submersible motor pumps, displacement pumps (rotary lobe pump, eccentric screw pump) and long-shaft pumps. For digestate and sludge upgrading, we offer press screw separators with a hydraulic ball head to adjust the desired content of dry matter.

Products and services

Stainless steel tanks
- Fermentation of corn, waste from food production or other waste (biogas digester, fermentation residue storage)
- Collection and treatment of waste water and sludge for industry and municipalities (wastewater treatment plant, sewage sludge storage, wastewater collector, industrial process water tank)
- Efficient wastewater mixers made from corrosion resistant stainless steel or with ceramic coating
- Powerful pump technology (submersible motor pump, rotary lobe pump, eccentric screw pump, long shaft pump, slurry pump, cutting system)
- Strong press screw separators to save time, money and space

Wastewater treatment tanks in stainless steel

A wastewater system with two Stallkamp stainless steel tanks and a narrow corrugated stainless steel tank for a company in the paper industry. Both wastewater storages have a capacity of each 1.660 m³ and are used as sumps for wastewater. The corrugated stainless steel tank with a capacity of 52 m³ is installed as a buffer tank.

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Considerable biogas plant in Germany with Stallkamp stainless steel tanks

This biomethane refinery is one of the biggest biogas plants in the world in Germany. Stallkamp supplied the 40 stainless steel tanks and more than 100 agitators. The capacity of the plant reaches 8 MW electrical power.

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Separation technology on biogas plant

This biogas plant runs a press screw separator with 4 kW and a sieve length of 550 mm. Digestate such as pig and horse manure as well as waste from the production of ice cream, candy and instant noodles are inserted. All materials of separator with direct contact to the medium are made from stainless steel. The press screw is armoured with tungsten carbide and is equipped with a hydraulic ball head.

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News & Innovations

Successfully implemented mega-projects

Stallkamp is a reliable partner for large projects as the example of an entire modern manure management system shows. 17 stainless steel tanks are delivered with corresponding pump and mixing technology as well as a separator.

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